A very productive National Experts meeting within the HPT TCP in Nuremberg

The National Experts’ meeting was arranged by the Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT TCP) on the 26th of October in Nuremberg, Germany.

The meeting was attended by 27 experts from 15 different countries from America, Europe and Asia. During the meeting the HPT TCP’s new strategy for the next five year period was presented, and ideas for new collaborative RDD&D (research, development, demonstration and deployment) projects (so called Annexes) within the prioritized areas of the new strategy were discussed and elaborated.

At the end of the meeting seven ideas for new Annexes had been deemed relevant and interesting by the participants. They were distributed within the following prioritized areas:

  • (a) Affordable and competitive technologies for heating,
  • (b) More efficient cooling and air-conditioning,
  • (c) Flexible, sustainable and clean system solutions using combinations of heat pumping technologies and other sustainable technologies,
  • (d) Possibilities offered by the developments in the area of digitalisation and Internet of Things,
  • (e) New or special markets and applications for heat pumping technologies, and
  • (f) New, alternative or natural refrigerants with lower global warming potential, high thermodynamic potential and low toxicity for both new and existing applications.

To conclude – a very successful and productive meeting!