New prototypes for cooling systems tested in India

The team behind “The Global Cooling Prize” are performing tests of the Finalist’s prototypes at the CEPT University lab in India.

The team is very content with the results of the ongoing tests:
“This lab testing will continue into March 2021, but we are very encouraged by preliminary data of the prototypes’ performance.”

A recently released video showcases the installation, remote commissioning, and testing of the Finalists’ prototypes that was undertaken at the Tata New Haven site in Bahadurgarh, India. One of the finalists, Prof. Baolong Wang, Tsinghua University of Beijing is also part of HPT Annex 53 “Advanced Cooling/Refrigeration Technologies Development”.

The winning system(s) will show policy makers and market shapers what’s possible for room air conditioning. The final award ceremony will take place in April 2021.

See the video from the testings > (YouTube)

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