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The topic this time is: Heat pumps for the retrofit and renovation market

The fight against the Corona virus and its effects continues globally. We should now expect restrictions to continue throughout the entire 2020, with variations between nations and over time. As an effect, the 13th IEA Heat Pump Conference in Jeju, South Korea, is once more postponed and will be held in April 2021.

The fight against global warming and energy-related pollution also continues. The HPT contribution to this fight is, of course, to support wider market deployment of heat pumps. In this issue of the HPT Magazine, the focus lies on “Heat pumps for the retrofit and renovation market”. This is a market of great potential, considering the amount of already existing buildings world-wide with need for an improved heating or cooling system. The two topical articles give examples on this from the Netherlands and Finland.

In the Market Report the situation in Switzerland is described. Heat pumps have a long history in the country, and they have become even more popular since the mid-90s. They are common in both residential buildings and for industrial applications. One of the main drivers for continued installation is decarbonisation of the heating system.

The Column presents an overview over the situation in Canada. Heat pumps are identified as key in the decarbonization transition, and especially those specifically developed for a colder climate. Further action for increased market adoption is still needed.

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