New issue of the HPT Magazine is out!

The new issue of the HPT Magazine is out now!
The topic this time is: Integration of Heat Pumps into the Future Energy System

The actual and potential global effects of the Corona virus are massive. For HPT, the most significant effect so far is postponing of the 13th IEA heat pump conference. When this is being written, several countries have closed their borders and are also taking other measures to reduce contamination and the numbers of severely ill people. We agree with Fatih Birol, Excecutive Director of IEA, who urges “that governments can use the current situation to step up their climate ambitions and launch sustainable stimulus packages focused on clean energy technologies. The coronavirus crisis is already doing significant damage around the world. Rather than compounding the tragedy by allowing it to hinder clean energy transitions, we need to seize the opportunity to help accelerate them”.

We already know that the energy system of tomorrow cannot look like the one of yesterday. In the future, fossil fuels must be replaced by renewable energy sources, due to environmental impact and resource depletion. Such distributed and intermittent production could, of course, be problematic. But this issue of HPT Magazine, with the topic “Integration of heat pumps into the future energy system”,
shows that solutions are within reach.

The Foreword points out how heat pumps can be used to both reduce energy use and to decrease the reliance on fossil fuels. As an example, the recently completed HPT Annex related to heat pumps in district heating networks is highlighted. The Magazine also presents the recently started Annex 56 “Internet of Things for Heat Pumps”.

The two topical articles cover heat pumps in district heating systems, and grid control of heat pumps. They go into some of the aspects of a future energy system where heat pumps are a crucial component both on an individual and a systemic level.

Read the HPT Magazine no 3/2019 here.

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