New issue of the HPT Magazine is out!

The new issue of the HPT Magazine is out now!
The topic this time is: Cooing for the Future

Heat pumps – the mere term implies that the technology is used for heating. And heating has been in focus for the Heat Pumping Technologies TCP over the years. But this is slowly changing. As ever more people can afford installations for cooling, there is a rising need for novel cooling technologies world-wide, preferably without refrigerants with high climate impact. Therefore, the topic for this issue of HPT Magazine is “Cooling for the Future”. We hope that this will be of interest to even more than the present HPT member countries!

The challenges that result from a growing need for cooling is pointed out in the Foreword. There it is also outlined what is currently done within the HPT TCP to meet this challenge, namely within Annex 53. The Annex is a result of the new HPT TCP strategy.

The issue carries two topical articles, each covering a cooling technology that is new for heat pumping technologies. One of them describes how electrochemical compression of gas can replace mechanical compression in a heat pumping or refrigerating cycle. The other explores how so-called caloric materials, solid-state refrigerants, can be used in cooling systems as a replacement for present-day refrigerants.

Some articles go beyond the focus area. One non-topical article is focusing on heat pump applications with thermal batteries. Another addresses the situation of industrial heat pumps in Denmark. The issue also includes a strategic outlook for the Netherlands, and the Column sheds light on the weak market for heat pumping technologies in Eastern Europe.

Read the HPT Magazine no 3/2019 here.

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