New issue of HPT Magazine is out! Focusing on flexible, sustainable and clean system solutions

Flexible, sustainable and clean. That is the necessary future for the energy systems world-wide. The focus of this issue of HPT magazine is how heat-pumping technologies can contribute to that development. The contribution comes in two forms: heating energy can shift from fossil fuels to renewable electricity, and at the same time reduce the need for bought energy. But for this to happen at a larger scale, heat pump components and equipment must be developed and deployed. Another aspect is that heat pumps may be part of a larger system, be it a building, city or even a region of a country.

The area is outlined in the Foreword, with more in-depth insights presented in two Topical articles where one discus urban energy savings in a district heating and cooling network, and the other pooling of heat pumps to reduce electricity use. A Non-topical article written by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) gives us a super-overview of the future role of heat pumps in the energy system. Inspiration can be taken from the Column, describing the success story of heat pumps in Finland. News in Focus describes some unintentional negative consequences of the EU F-gas directive.

Enjoy your reading!

Johan Berg, Editor

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