New collaborative research project “HPT TCP Annex 51 Acoustic signatures of heat pumps” approved

During the meeting with the Executive Committe of the HPT TCP last week in France a new collaborative research project was approved to get started within the Programme, “HPT TCP Annex 51 Acoustic signatures of heat pumps”.

The primary aim is to increase the acceptance of heat pumps for comfort purpose with respect to the noise and vibration emissions and a second focus is placed on increasing knowledge of this topic for manufacturers, acoustic consultants, installers as well as legislators. The project will cover technical aspects such as noise reduction and physical measurement techniques but also non-technical such as human perception of noise.

The project will be led by Christophe Reichl (see image) from AIT in Austria and beside of Austria, France, Germany and Sweden will participate from the start. Hopefully more countries will join this very interesting Annex during the start up period.