Market Report: Sweden

Ever since 2008 the Swedish market for the heat pumping technology has steadily increased and is estimated to account for an annual sale of approximately 16 000 MSEK or 1500 MEUR in 2018 (1 EUR equals 10,5 SEK). The business can be divided into three segments: Air Conditioning 4 000 MSEK, Industrial/Commercial 4 700 MSEK, Heat Pumps 7 300 MSEK. Going from “busy”, some ten years ago passing “hands full”, the Swedish market situation since a couple of years can be defined as overheated. Contractors, mainly within refrigeration and air conditioning are overloaded with work, and there are no signs of any slowing down. On the contrary, the forecast for coming years indicates continued increase in sales within all segments. The largest challenge for all companies is the difficulty in finding and recruiting competent personnel. This goes for all types of professions, from management via white collar to service technicians.

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