Join the upcoming online Workshop about the Comfort and Climate Box for warm and humid climates!

On Thursday, 12th of November, 13:00 – 16:00 CET there will be an online Workshop about the Comfort and Climate Box (CCB) for warm and humid climates.

The purpose with the workshop is to inspire to a new Annex within the HPT TCP. The background is that the cooling demand is growing rapidly. It is important that the system solutions are easy to install, affordable and efficient.

There is very much interest in this area of cooling. IEA has published several reports, and the topic was discussed at the HPT TCP National Experts’ Meeting in 2019. There, at least five experts expressed large interest to develop this idea further. Furthermore, representatives from India have expressed interest in the topic. In addition, this also offers an opportunity to establish collaboration with other TCPs, e.g. the Energy Storage TCP (ECES TCP).

Examples of questions and problems to be discussed to define the project

  • Type of buildings to be addressed? Commercial, residential, combined?
  • How can we provide cooling, dehumidification and hot water?
  • How do we provide sufficient dehumidification capacities?
  • What (grid) services can be provided, and to what extent?

A workshop on this topic was originally scheduled for the IEA HP Conference, which should have been held in May 2020 at Jeju Island, Korea, but which is postponed to April 2021. As we consider the topic of high importance, we want to start the process of developing it further together with the HPT community already during fall 2020.

We want to invite you all to this workshop to develop the idea further together.

Register to the CCB Webinar here.