HPT TCP present at the ASHRAE Winter Conference

On January 29 one of the seminars entitled ”Thermally Driven Devices Are Heating Up: Emerging International Field Studies and Standards for Residential Fuel-Fired Sorption Heat Pumps” was arranged by the team of HPT TCP Annex 43 ”Fuel-Driven Sorption Heat Pumps”. In another seminar entitled ”Yes, It Is Your Fault: How Faults Effects Your System’s Performance and How to Model the Faults’ Effects in Advance” results from the earlier HPT TCP Annex 36” Quality Installation/Quality Maintenance Sensitivity Studies” was presented. Both seminars were well attended and the presentations gained a lot of interest!

In addition, flyers for the IEA Heat Pump Conference 2017 in Rotterdam is handed out to people I meet interested in heat pumping technologies!

Written by Caroline Haglund Stignor