Heat Pump Symposium in Ghent, Belgium

On October 10, ODE Organisatie Duurzame Energie (the Organisation Sustainable Energy) and their WPP Warmepompplatform (heat pump platform) organized a Heat Pump Symposium in Ghent, Belgium. Representatives from energy agencies, heat pump associations, manufacturers, property developers, utilities, universities and research institutes gave presentations – some in English and some in Flemish (translated into English).

During the day the ambitious platform for decarbing heat in Flanders and market statistics, outlooks and policies in Europe and other countries were presented and discussed. In addition the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technogies (HPT TCP), three of the programme’s collaboration programmes (HPT Annex 49, 51 and 52) were presented.

All the presentations from the symposium can be found in the link below.