Gas and electricity hybrid ACs rolling out in the Japanese market

On April 1, 2017, as part of energy system reforms, full liberalization of gas retailing commenced in Japan after the full liberalization of electricity, which started in April 2016. Following the advent of full liberalization of gas retailing, Japanese air conditioner manufacturers have announced to release new Smart Multihybrid air conditioners utilizing gas and electricity in collaboration with three gas companies, namely, Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, and Toho Gas.

Consisting of a gas heat pump (GHP) and an electric heat pump (EHP) linked to the same refrigerant piping system, Smart Multi systems can realize both energy and cost savings by remotely controlling the GHP and EHP operating ratios to optimize the equipment efficiency and running costs according to changes in the air conditioning load, outdoor temperatures, and electricity and gas rates.

Source: JARN, April 25, 2017.