Finding and Crossing Heat Pump Barriers: New Ways to ‘Coolify’ Heat Pumps

On September the 22nd the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) and members of the heat pump panel of the renewable heating and cooling platform ( organized a workshop “Finding and crossing heat pump barriers”, an unconventional mind mapping exercise in Brussels. Caroline Haglund Stignor from Heat Pump Centre participated in this workshop.
Experts agreed that heat-pump systems are the best available solutions to decarbonise EU’s heating and cooling sector, in line with the COP21 objectives and are thus ‘2050 ready’. Besides of traditional suggestions, such as a gradual phase-out of gas for heating as well as higher financial incentives for best available technologies, participants went further ‘out of the box’, suggesting new ways to ‘coolify’ heat pumps, such as raising the interest of Google/Apple in heat pumps, creating a European heating academy, or even setting up a dedicated reality show on decarbonising the renovation segment!
Read more and see all the result of the mind mapping exercise here.