Design and Integration of heat pumps for nearly Zero Energy Buildings

The final report of Annex 49 is now published together with four extensive reports that are focusing on heat pumps in nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB).

The Annex 49 was a follow-on of the work in Annex 40 on heat pump concepts for nZEB, with an extended scope from the balance of single buildings to groups of buildings.

The dominating concept was to reach the zero-energy balance over an annual period for nZEBs.

Annex 49 is sharing experiences on heat pumps in nZEB as well as design of HVAC systems for nZEB in different countries. Development and market situation of heat pump systems in nZEB has also been investigated through this annex that was active during 2016 to 2020.


The results from this project shows that heat pumps can become the standard building technology for nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). Due to the high performance of heat pumps, nZEB can be achieved cost-effectively. Further on, heat pumps can increase on-site electricity self-consumption and unlock flexibility potentials by smart controls. In this way heat pumps become the backbone of a future sustainable and renewable built environment and energy system.

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Annex 49 has been structured into four parts that are being presented in four reports: