China joins HPT TCP

The HPT TCP has expanded with a new member: China. The HPT team and the other member countries are warmly welcoming them into the collaboration programme.

Heat pumping technologies are predicted to have a great future in China, as they are seen as part of the solution for clean energy. The market development is already positive, with the sales value for air-source heat pumps tripling since 2013 and increasing with almost 60% since 2016.

This development is supported by governmental decisions and policies. For example, Northern China has an ambitious Clean Heating Policy stating that half of the heating shall be through clean energy by the end of this year. By  2021, this shall be increased to 70% at the same time as coal burning shall be reduced with 74 million tons. Heat pumps are mentioned as one of the important technologies in this transition, which should be based on local conditions.

With a new member on board, hopefully even more opportunities for collaboration will emerge. So, once again: welcome, China, to the HPT TCP!