China’s ATW heat pump rotary compressor market grew by 25 %

China’s heat pump compressor market expanded rapidly in 2016, driven by the Coal-to-Electricity policy promoted vigorously by both central and local governments.

According to data provided by compressor manufacturers, market demand for rotary compressors for air-to-water (ATW) heat pumps reached 1.4 million units in 2016, showing 25 % year-on-year growth.

Compressors for ATW heat pumps work under much harsher ambient conditions than air conditioning compressors. To consistently provide hot water at a temperature of 55 °C throughout the year, the compressors operate under high condensing pressure conditions all year round. In cold climates in particular, ATW heat pump compressors need to be even more reliable than air conditioner compressors. In addition, frequent frosting and defrosting of the evaporator obliges the compressor to switch frequently between cooling and heating. These harsh working conditions require the use of compressors specially designed for ATW heat pumps that can improve the energy efficiency and extend the service lifespan of heat pumps.