• Evaluation of concepts for buildings in order to reach a nearly Zero Energy consumption applying heat pumps as core component of the building technology
  • Evaluation of building technology in nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) regarding performance and cost
  • Further developments of current marketable heat pumps to exploit specific performance opportunities in nZEB
  • Field monitoring to evaluate the real performance of heat pumps in nZEB and to identify optimization potentials and options for demand response

Project manager and participating countries

Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland (Operating Agent), and US.


The Annex was structured into the following tasks:

  • Task 1: State-of-the-art of nZEB in the participating countries
  • Task 2: Case studies of heat pumps in nZEB regarding performance and cost
  • Task 3: Technology development of heat pump systems for nZEB (prototypes)
  • Task 4: Evaluation of field monitoring projects and demand response options


The results of HPT TCP Annex 40 has been summarized in four final reports:

  • Umbrella Report: Introduction to nZEB and project outline with summary of main results of the HPT TCP Annex 40
  • Report Task 2: Results of case studies
  • Report Task 3: Technology developments
  • Report Task 4: Field monitoring and integration of nZEB

Reports are available at Annex 40 Publications

Visit the old Annex 40 website.