The objective was to demonstrate the potential with heat pumping technology for all types of buildings from existing field measurements. The focus was on the best available technique in order to achieve further acceptance for heat pumping technology.

Project manager and participating countries

Sweden (Operating Agent), Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


The participants shared the coordinated work necessary to carry out the work required for this Annex. The objectives were achieved by the following task-sharing activities:

Task 1 Make a common template of what should be communicated

Task 2 Define criteria for good quality of field measurements (e.g. boundaries of the measured systems, number of and placement of measuring points, measurement uncertainty, time increments etc.) and decide what parameters are important for assured quality. In this Annex the system boundaries defined in SEPEMO-build will be applied.

Task 3  Collection and evaluation of current and concluded field measurements on heat pump systems. The focus is on the best available technique.

Task 4 Agree how to recalculate the chosen annual performance measures, such as seasonal performance factor, energy savings and carbon footprints. Calculation of SPF, electricity consumption, energy savings and CO2 reductions from the collected measurements. These parameters will be compared with those for other heating systems. For thermal driven heat pumps, Annex 34´s definition of SPF will be applied. Regarding systems with heat pumps combined with solar thermal the results from the work with combining the solar fraction or solar savings fraction with a SPF, that is ongoing in Task 44 of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme/Annex 38 of the IEA Heat Pump Programme, will be considered.

Task 5 Establish a database connected to HPC website with data from field measurements, using a common template.

Task 6 Information dissemination

Publication and result

The Annex deliverables included:

  • Final report of the Annex, and an Executive Summary. See Annex 37 Publications
  • An Annex website where a database, using a one-page template from field measurements are published
  • Progress reports to the HPC, four times annually, for publication in the Newsletter
  • Report to the HPT TCP Annual Report
  • A two-page popular scientific summary of Annex results for widespread dissemination
  • Input to standardisation, national and international bodies

Reports are available at Annex 37 Publications