The heat pump - a Swedish success story!

The sale of heat pumps has more than doubled in Sweden in the last 14 years – there are now 1,7 million heat pumps installed in the country that has 10 million inhabitants.

At the Arena for Sustainable Heating and Cooling at the Nordic Clean Energy Week in Malmö, Sweden, Per Jonasson (Swedish Refrigeration and Heat Pump Association) and Signhild Gelin (Swedish Geoenergy Center) presented the development of the Swedish market of heat pumps.

Sweden has now by far the highest penetration of heat pumps per capita in the world, with the result that energy use for heating and DHW has drastically decreased in the last 30 years.

One famous building that use heat pumps is the Wasa ship museum in Stockholm, that uses sea water for cooling. This is a real flagship in terms of heat pumps (the Wasa ship though was disaster that sunk on its mayden voyage). The only things that are sinking now are energy use and cost!

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