2017 China Heat Pump Exhibition – Inverter & Vapor injection technologies highlighted

The seventh China Heat Pump Exhibition, held in March in Shanghai at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, attracted over 300 corporations from all over the country, and covered a vast range of heat pumps.

The heating efficiency of air­source heat pumps decreases during freezing weather in North China. One of the best solutions to this problem is a combination of DC inverter and vapor injection technologies. In China, however, the use of inverter compressors by heat pump manufacturers is limited to about 20 %, and is not mainstream due to cost limits and manufacturers’ insufficient ability to control inverter systems. To promote high efficiency and comfort heat pumps, many manufacturers showcased products utilizing inverter and enhanced vapor injection technologies at the exhibition. All their products meet heating demands under extremely low temperatures also in rural areas where voltage supply is not stable, while simultaneously reducing operation costs.

Air-source heat pump manufacturers mainly use R22 as their refrigerant, which is now gradually being replaced by R410A with the improvement of industry regulations. Major manufacturers showcased heat pumps (air-source; heat pump water heaters) or components (compressors) using R410A.

The heat pump industry in China grew by 46.4 % in 2016. It can be predicted that heat pumps will develop until 2020 following the residential heating expansion from the north to the south. At the same time, there will be large development in some middle­ and small- size projects such as heating system retrofits in communities, factories, schools, and hospitals. Heat pump manufacturers will continue to embrace more development opportunities in China.

Source: JARN, April 25, 2017