Legal text for IEA HPT Annex 54

Low-GWP refrigerants including natural refrigerants are investigated for their safety and application in heat pumps.

Workshop ‘ IEA HPT’s Annex 54: Heat Pumps for Low-GWP Refrigerants

IEA HPT’s ANNEX54 organized two workshops for “Heat Pumps for Low -WP Refrigerants” at the 25th IIR Conference ICR 2019 in Montréal on 26th August.  Seven presentations were held by experts from the participating countries in the Annex and invited speaker from Germany.

Third expert meeting for ANNEX54, June 2020

Presentations from the workshops in Montreal – September 2019 are as follows:

After workshops, IEA HPT’s ANNEX54 organized joint meeting with IIR Commissions B1 and B2 attracting 45 participants.
Meeting agenda, minute and attendee list are as follows:

Presentation from the Kick off Meeting – January 2019: