Previous issues of the HPT Magazine

Here you can find the previous issues of the HPT Magazine (formerly HPC Newsletter).

HPT Magazine

No.2/2018 “Heat Pumping Technologies – Affordable Heating & Cooling”
No.2/2018 Digital Newsletter “Heat Pumping Technologies – Affordable Heating & Cooling”

No.1/2018 “Heat Pumping Technologies – Flexible, sustainable and Clean system solutions”
No.1/2018 Digital Newsletter “Flexible, sustainable and Clean system solutions”

No.3/2017 “Heat Pumping Technologies in near Zero Emission Buildings (nZEB)”

No.2/2017 “Report from the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference”

No.1/2017 “Heat Pumping Technologies in Special Applications and New Markets”

No.2/2016 “Smart Grids – Heat Pumps”


HPC Newsletter

No.1/2016 “Refrigerants”

No.4/2015 “Innovative/alternative/non-conventional HP technologies”

No.3/2015 “Ground source heat pumps”

No.2/2015 “Space cooling”

No.1/2015 “Quality installation / Quality maintenance”

No.4/2014 “Innovative Technology”

No.3/2014 “The 11th Heat Pump Conference: Market and Policy”

No.2/2014 “Highlights from research”

No.1/2014 “Policy and standards”

No.4/2013 “Heat pumps for cold climates”

No.3/2013 “Environmental evaluation of heat pumps as products”

No.2/2013 “Heat pump performance monitoring and evaluation”

No.1/2013 “Thermal Energy Storage”

No.4/2012 “Energy Technlology Perspectives 2012”

No.3/2012 “The role of heat pumps in NZEB”

No.2/2012 “Heat pumps in smart grids and smart cities”

No.1/2012 “Industrial heat pumps”

No.4/2011 “Working fluids for a sustainable future”

No.3/2011 “10th IEA Heat Pump Conference – a website conference”

No.2/2011 “Energy Efficient Buildings: Heating and Cooling Technology Roadmap”

No.1/2011 “Thermally driven heat pumps”

No.4/2010 “Supermarket refrigeration”

No.3/2010 “IEA Energy Technology Perspectives 2010”

No.2/2010 “Retrofit heat pumps for buildings”

No.1/2010 “ATES/BTES systems for commercial buildings”

No.4/2009 “The role of heat pumps in future energy systems”

No.3/2009 “Heat Pumps Are Renewable”

No.2/2009 “Heat pumps in year-round space conditioning systems”

No.1/2009 “Ground Source Heat Pumps”

No.4/2008 “Natural working fluids”

No.3/2008 “9th International Heat Pump Conference”

No.2/2008 “Heat pumps for low energy buildings”

No.1/2008 “Air Source Heat Pumps”

No.4/2007 “Combining heat pumps and other technologies”

No.3/2007 “Heat pump components development trends”

No.2/2007 “Mobile Air Conditioning”

No.1/2007 “Industrial applications”

No.4/2006 “Retrofit heat pumps for buildings”

No.3/2006 “The latest developments in the use of CO2 as refrigerant”

No.2/2006 “New regulations and directives – how will they affect heat pump pumping technologies?”

No.1/2006 “Thermally activated heat pump systems”

No.4/2005 “Ground source, heat pump systems”

No.3/2005 “The 8th IEA Heat Pump Conference”

No.2/2005 “Zero Leakage, Minimum Charge”

No.1/2005 “Systems and Controls”

No.4/2004 “Heat Pumping Technologies in New Markets”

No.3/2004 “Supermarket Refrigeration”

No.2/2004 “Residential Heat Pump Systems”

No.1/2004 “Natural Working Fluids”


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