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The Heat Pumping Technologies Magazine (formerly known as the HPC Newsletter) is an online magazine about heat pumping technologies, markets and market development, and information from the annexes in the programme. It is produced by the Heat Pump Centre.

In each issue, there is also a Column, where the author gives his view of a topic of hers or his own choice, a list of selected heat pump related events, and sometimes a Strategic outlook, presenting policy affecting markets, from the author’s viewpoint.

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Read the HPT Magazine no 1/2021 here.

Content in HPT Magazine no 1/2021

Heat pumps in multi-family buildings

The first issue of the 2021 HPT Magazine focuses on the possibilities of heat pumps in multi-family buildings. In the topical articles you can read about drivers and barriers for heat pumps as well as the aspects of retrofit projects.

We know that the energy system of tomorrow cannot look like the ones today. Fossil fuels must be replaced by renewable energy sources and energy systems must transform. And in that transition, heat pumps are a crucial component both on individual and systematic level.

In this issue you also get the latest updates from our Annexes, together with an insight in the big and quite unique market for heat pumps in Finland. The significance of heat pumps has grown in several kinds of buildings and play an important role as a producer of renewable energy

Read the HPT Magazine no 1/2021 here.
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HPT Magazine no1, 2021 cover