Heat Pumping Technologies Magazine

The Heat Pumping Technologies Magazine (formerly known as the HPC Newsletter) is an online magazine about heat pumping technologies, markets and market development, and information from the annexes in the programme. It is produced by the Heat Pump Centre.

In each issue, there is also a Column, where the author gives his view of a topic of hers or his own choice, a list of selected heat pump related events, and sometimes a Strategic outlook, presenting policy affecting markets, from the author’s viewpoint.

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Content in HPT Magazine no 2/2018

Affordable Heating & Cooling

The development of heat pumping technologies shows us a path towards decreased dependency on fossil fuels. But development often means increased costs; costs that the market is not necessarily willing to pay. In this issue of the HPT Magazine it is shown that these developed heat pumping technologies can be affordable, both in the short and the long run.

The Foreword focuses on the term "affordable", recognizing also its implications beyond the strict economical interpretation. In the three Topical articles, aspects of affordability are described for three different heat pumping applications: booster heat pumps in low-temperature district heating networks, decentralized reversible heat pumps in district heating and cooling networks, and hybrid heat pumps allowing for flexibility regarding energy carrier.

The Column describes how deployment of heat pumps fits into the national policies of South Korea. This is written by the Chair of the National Organizing Committee of the upcoming 13th IEA Heat Pump Conference in Jeju, South Korea in 2020. Further, you will find summaries of heat pump-related events during the Nordic Clean Energy Week held in Denmark and Sweden in May. With the purpose to accelerate the clean energy revolution, that week gathered energy ministers from across the globe for the 9th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM9) and 3rd Mission Innovation (MI3). The News in focus tells the good news about EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive and the Energy Union Governance Regulation that hopefully will make heating and cooling a top priority within the EU.

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