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The Heat Pumping Technologies Magazine (formerly known as the HPC Newsletter) is an online magazine about heat pumping technologies, markets and market development, and information from the annexes in the programme. It is produced by the Heat Pump Centre.

In each issue, there is also a Column, where the author gives his view of a topic of hers or his own choice, a list of selected heat pump related events, and sometimes a Strategic outlook, presenting policy affecting markets, from the author’s viewpoint.

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Read the HPT Magazine no 1/2019 here.

Content in HPT Magazine no 1/2019

Heat Exchangers
- New Design and Materials

Heat pumps are often looked at from a systemic perspective. That is reasonable, considering the vast demand for smart systems for housing, industries or entire cities. However, in order for a system to be truly energy efficient, its components also need to be efficient. In a heat pump, one of the key components is the heat exchanger.

This issue of HPT Magazine focuses on heat exchangers and how their efficiency is affected by design and choice of material. One of the challenges with heat pumps is the refrigerant: the alternatives either deplete the ozone layer, have a high global warming potential, are flammable, or are toxic. In the Foreword it is pointed out that research is needed to develop heat pumps that use less refrigerant. One of the topical articles also cover this aspect and conclude that there is a need for improved efficiency in the heat pumps as such, and also for development of low charge evaporators for industrial heat pumps. The other topical article describes testing of an interesting novel type of evaporator: falling film.

The Column moves away from the focus on heat exchangers and looks at hybrid heat pumps. In such systems, the heat pump operates at a baseload and is complemented with a gas boiler. The potential for decarbonisation of heating is particularly high if hydrogen is used. There is also a market report for Sweden, declaring that the largest problem is the difficulty of finding and recruiting competent personnel in all segments: management, white collar and service technicians.

Read the HPT Magazine no 1/2019 here.
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