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The Heat Pumping Technologies Magazine (formerly known as the HPC Newsletter) is an online magazine about heat pumping technologies, markets and market development, and information from the annexes in the programme. It is produced by the Heat Pump Centre.

In each issue, there is also a Column, where the author gives his view of a topic of hers or his own choice, a list of selected heat pump related events, and sometimes a Strategic outlook, presenting policy affecting markets, from the author’s viewpoint.

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Read the HPT Magazine no 2/2021 here.

Content in HPT Magazine no 2/2021

Heat Pumps with Thermal Storage

In this issue, we also address the important topic about IEA special report called Net Zero by 2050 – A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector. The report shows that heat pumps and efficient cooling technologies have an important role in reaching the goal.

The topical articles of this issue are all addressing the integration of thermal energy storage in heat pumping and cooling systems. Two different thermal energy storages are covered, and they are both important for the energy system of the future. Storage in the form of borehole systems and thermal storage is integrated as a part of the heating/cooling system of a building. The former solution provides seasonal storage of energy, and the latter solution provides short-term energy flexibility to the electricity grid.

Read the HPT Magazine no 2/2021 here.
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