04 June 2005

Year-round residential space conditioning systems using heat pumps

The objective of the Annex 25 is to define and show the technical feasibility of new packaged systems for year round residential space conditioning using heat pumps. These systems (which include all the components used in a heating/cooling system from the heat pump to the inside unit) target only residential dwellings and use either water or air as energy distribution vector. The work carried out within in the framework of this Annex cover low initial and operating costs, comfort provided, suitability to customer demands, design/installation requirements, performances, integration in buildings and aesthetics.

The programme is divided into three parts:
– Task 1) a state of the art study: analysis of exisiting system, market needs and demand, new concepts
– Task 2 and 3) a co-operation with manufacturers on a new concept, demonstration and dissemination