23 September 2011


Major problems such as global warming, an aging society, and insufficient demand that Japan is facing will eventually become problems for all countries in the world. In this sense, Japan can be called “the country with advanced problems.” In order to resolve problems and become an advanced problem-solving country, Japan needs to work on the establishment of a “platinum society,” which is environmentally friendly, allows senior citizens to participate in society, and produces substantial employment. Since the oil shock, Japan has been improving the energy efficiency of devices, and one of the outcomes is the heat pump. Such accomplishments become important keys in realizing a platinum society. A platinum society cannot be created as an extension of conventional ideas. The conversion of national models is required. We would like to establish a “Platinum Network” at local governments, businesses, universities, and research institutions and work toward solving problems with the initiatives of citizens and the private sectors rather than via the centralized government.