15 May 2023

Presentation No 375 – Experimental testing of solar photovoltaic/thermal collector as a heat pump source under outdoor laboratory conditions – 14th IEA Heat Pump Conference, Chicago, USA

The integration of photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) and heat pumps appears as a promising technology for the
decarbonization of European buildings. Some of the benefits include the simultaneous production of renewable
electricity and heat, as well as an improved system efficiency. However, there has been little research dedicated
to collectors designed specifically for heat pump integration. This study aims at characterizing the performance
of an unglazed and uninsulated PVT collector with fins, acting as a source for heat pump systems. Tests are
performed at an outdoor testing facility in Stockholm Sweden, over two weeks in October 2022. Specific
thermal output in W/m2
is presented against temperature difference between ambient and mean fluid
temperature for a wide range of boundary conditions. The results show that the PVT collector field can generate
a peak thermal power of 9 kW during sunny days, and 5 kW during nighttime operation. In order to meet the
peak heating capacity in a Swedish villa, however, the collector field should be at least 40 m2.