15 May 2023

Presentation No 343 – Performance of a State-of-Art Packaged Heat Pump for Residential Space Conditioning and Hot Water – 14th IEA Heat Pump Conference, Chicago, USA

Residential space conditioning and hot water loads in the US are typically decoupled and served by separate
equipment. A residential home in four and above IECC climate zones can have two to three systems, typically
a gas furnace for space heating, a gas-fired storage water heater, and an electric air conditioning (A/C) unit for
space cooling. The decoupled nature of these individual systems prevents the units from working in a tandem
nature, limiting the benefit of shared system costs and internal heat recovery. In addition, gas-fired furnaces
and water heaters operate at less than 100% thermal efficiencies, insufficient for most CO2e emission reduction
schemes. This manuscript summarizes data and key findings from the laboratory evaluation of a hybrid heat
pump, a packaged Thermal Heat Pump (THP), and an Electrical Air Conditioning (EAC) unit for the combined
operation of space conditioning and water heating. The packaged heat pump prototype achieved an AFUE of
121.6% and SEER of 8.