16 September 2022

Executive Summary Annex 55: Comfort & Climate Box – towards better integration of heat pumps and storage

According to the IEA report “Net Zero by 2050 – A roadmap for the global energy sector” (2021) one of the defined key milestones, are “no new sales of fossil fuel boilers by 2025” and that “50% of
heating demand is met by heat pumps in 2045”. To fulfill this the stock of installed heat pumps
needs to increase from 180 million units in 2020 to 600 million units in 2030 globally. Heat pumps will have to be combined with an energy storage solution that is more versatile than only the standard domestic hot water buffer. The challenge is after the early adaptors, to attract a much larger group of consumers that is not particularly tech-savvy or green. This group is not interested in the technology as such but desires a comfortable house, a hot shower, a compact plug & play package, and an affordable energy bill. Therefore, integration of heat pump and storage, but also integration within the home, personal preferences, and the electricity (smart) grid are key items to be recognized.