Announcement: Sweden Joins HPT TCP Annex 60 - Retrofitting Heat Pump Systems in Large Non-domestic Buildings

We are pleased to announce that Sweden, through a consortium led by the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), will participate in the Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT TCP) Annex 60: Retrofitting Heat Pump Systems in Large Non-domestic Buildings.

HPT TCP Annex 60, led by the UK and involving Austria, Canada, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands, focuses on retrofitting existing buildings to improve energy efficiency through heat pump technologies. The project aims to review the current market conditions, identify key drivers and barriers, and showcase successful case studies. Additionally, it will develop online guidance to assist decision-makers in effectively implementing heat pump retrofits in large, non-domestic buildings.

Swedish RETRO-HEAT Project Contribution

The Swedish project, “RETRO-HEAT: Advancing Heat Pump Retrofits for Energy Efficiency in Swedish Non-Domestic Buildings – Real-World Case Studies”, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, will significantly contribute to Annex 60. The Swedish consortia include RISE (coordinator), Lund University, Kungliga Tekniska Högskola (KTH) and Svenskt Geoenergicentrum. By conducting rigorous case studies, engaging stakeholders, and developing user-centric design and research activities, the project aims to produce practical solutions for retrofitting heat pump systems in non-residential buildings.

Project Objectives

  1. Case Studies: Analyze at least five documented case studies of “medium” or “shallow” renovation levels, including a supermarket, office, and university campus building.
  2. Guidelines and Decision Tools: Produce clear guidelines and decision tools for building owners, design engineers, and policymakers on efficient and cost-effective heat pump retrofit options.
  3. Techno-Economic Analysis Tools: Develop calculation tools for techno-economic analysis, accessible to building owners, design engineers, and policymakers.

International Impact

The findings and results from the Swedish RETRO-HEAT project will not only advance local energy efficiency but also inspire and guide similar initiatives globally. By participating in Annex 60, Sweden will share its insights and learn from international collaboration, enhancing the global understanding of effective heat pump retrofits.

We are excited about the potential of this collaboration to drive innovation and energy efficiency in Sweden’s non-residential building sector. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and findings.

For more information on the Swedish project, contact Dr. Metkel Yebiyo at or Dr Bassam Badran at