HPT Annex 53 kicks-off at ASHRAE conference

On January 11, HPT Annex 53 (Advanced Cooling / Refrigeration Technologies Development) held their initial kick-off meeting at the Ashrae conference in Atlanta, GA USA. The event attracted a wide range of people, mostly representatives of the primary US research institutes.

The meeting was co-lead by Van Baxter, co-operating agent of Annex 53 and co-operating agent Dr. Reinhard Radermacher, University of Maryland (UoMD), USA. During the event the Annex goals and purpose was discussed as well as planned technical contributions from US (ORNL and Univ. of MD), South Korea (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, KIMM), and Germany (Fraunhofer Institute).

Annex purpose
The primary driving motivation for forming HPT Annex 53, is the projected 3x increase in global energy demand over the next 30-40 years for space cooling and dehumidification and for refrigeration. It is acknowledged that this is a massive challenge and will require a combination of near- and longer-term actions to adequately address. Near-term activities include maximizing use of existing state-of-the-art (SOA) technologies, establishment of or increases in minimum efficiency standards, etc. Annex 53 is focused on longer-term RD&D to further development of advanced technology solutions for cooling and refrigeration applications, both advanced vapor compression and non-traditional cycles/systems.

The meeting was co-arranged by ORNL and University of Maryland with assistance of ASHRAE meetings staff.

Countries currently committed to participating in Annex 53 are Germany, South Korea, Sweden, and the US.

For more information about Annex 53, visit the Annex page
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