HPT Annex 54 kicks-off at ASHRAE conference

On January 12, HPT Annex 54 (Heat pump systems with low GWP refrigerants) held their initial kick-off meeting at the Ashrae conference in Atlanta, GA USA. The event attracted representatives of the primary US research institutes involved as well as ANNEX participants.

The meeting was arranged by University of Maryland with assistance of ASHRAE meetings staff. Mr Yunho Hwang, Operating Agent of Annex 54, lead the meeting and panel discussion, where the Annex structure was looked over. During the event the Annex goals and purpose was discussed as well as planned technical contributions from each participant. Three presentations were made by Low-GWP refrigerant professionals: Mr. Joshua Hughes from Chemours, Dr. Gustavo Pottker from Honeywell and Dr. Piotr A. Domanski from National Institute of Standards and Technology. A preliminary decision was made to hold the next meeting in Montreal, Canada 2019.

Countries currently committed to participating in Annex 54 are USA, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Sweden.

Purpose of Annex 54
The primary motivation of forming HPT Annex 54 is to promote the application of low-GWP refrigerants for air-conditioning application to accelerate phase down of high-GWP HFCs. Annex 54 will develop design guidelines of optimized components and systems for low-GWP refrigerants to achieve this goal.

For more information about Annex 54, visit the Annex page

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