Final webinar June 13th – IEA HPT Annex 52 - Long-term performance monitoring of GSHP systems for commercial, institutional, and multi-family buildings

Ground-Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems for larger buildings provide renewable heating and cooling for a wide range of system applications. Long-term performance measurements from such systems are valuable tools for commissioning, fault detection, system optimization, and component development.

Within the four-year international collaboration project Annex 52, more than 30 larger GSHP systems in seven countries have been monitored and altogether 119 years of measured performance data have been analyzed.

On June 13th the results from Annex 52 will be presented and discussed in a three-hours final webinar.

Please register no later than June 11 here. You will receive a Zoom link when registered.

The key findings and deliverables from the Annex will be presented together with examples from the many case studies. The work within Annex 52 has led to a broad consensus on instrumentation, monitoring, and analysis of long-term performance, which, in turn, leads to further energy and cost savings.

Webinar Program Online

Date: Monday June 13th
Time: 14:00-17:00 CEST
Moderator: Caroline Haglund-Stignor (RISE/HPC)

14:00   Welcome and introduction to IEA HPT TCP and HPC
– Dr. Caroline Haglund Stignor, RISE/IEA Heat Pumping Technologies TCP

14:15   Annex 52 – an overview
– Dr. Signhild Gehlin, the Swedish Geoenergy Center/Operating Agent of Annex 52

14:40   Lessons from borehole and energy pile GSHP systems in the UK.
– Dr. Fleur Loveridge, University of Leeds, UK.

15:10   Performance of BTES with direct heating and cooling
– Dr. Saqib Javed, Lund University, Sweden.

15:40   Distributed or centralized GSHP systems – performance and uncertainty
– Dr. Jeffrey D. Spitler, Oklahoma State University, USA.

16:10   Highlight on Annex 52 resources and deliverables
– Dr. Signhild Gehlin, the Swedish Geoenergy Center/Operating Agent of Annex 52

16:30   Q&A and discussion
– Moderated by Dr. Caroline Haglund-Stignor, RISE/IEA Heat Pumping Technologies TCP

17:00     End of Webinar