New open access journal paper from HPT Annex 52

We are pleased to announce that a new open access journal paper on long-term performance monitoring  of GSHP systems has been published in Energies, as a result from the work within IEA HPT Annex 52:

Bockelmann, F. and M. N. Fisch. (2019). It works – Long-term performance measurement and optimisation of six ground source heat pump systems in Germany. Energies 2019, 12 (24), 4691;

This is the fourth scientific journal paper that has been published based on work and case studies within the IEA HPT Annex 52. The previously published journal papers provide two sets of open access reference data, free to use by researchers and developers.

A list with the scientific publications resulting from the work within HPT Annex 52 is continuously updated, and and can be accessed through the HPT Annex 52 webpage under Documentation.