Watch the Annex 51 Webinar "Acoustic Signature of Heat Pumps"

On November 30, Annex “Acoustic Signature of Heat Pumps” held a webinar to present the work done during the years. The Annex has been running since 1 April 2017 and will be finalized in December 2020.

The agenda was the following:

  1. Welcome – Caroline Haglund Stignor (Heat Pump Centre)
  2. Annex 51 Overview  – Christoph Reichl (AIT, Austria)
  3. European Legislation and Standards – Roberto Fumagalli Polimi
  4. Noise and seasonal variations based on interlaboratory results – Francois Bessac (CETIAT, France), Thomas Gindre (ISE,
  5. Effect of different heat sinks and operation modes  – Kamal Arumugam (DTI, Denmark)
  6. Transient noise of heat pumps – Thore Oltersdorf , ISE Germany
  7. Heat pump installation and effects on surrounding environment – Christoph Reichl (AIT, Austria)
  8. Annoyance rating and psychoacoustical analysis of heat pump sound – Henrik Hellgren (RI.SE,Sweden)
  9. Panel Q&A of the presentations lead by Caroline Haglund Stignor (Heat Pump Centre)

Watch the webinar here.
Read the Q&A from the webinar.