Proceedings and presentations from the 14th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2023 now available

In May 2023 The 14th IEA Heat Pump Conference were held under in Chicago under the theme “Heat Pumps – Resilient and Efficient.” Now, the papers presented during the conference, together with most of the presentations are available for free in the database of the Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT TCP) by IEA.

The conference brought together approximately 400 attendees from 25 countries, providing a pivotal platform for discussions on the latest advancements in heat pumping technologies and fostering collaboration among policymakers, innovators, investors, academia, and researchers.

With a comprehensive agenda spanning four days, the conference featured a diverse range of activities, including over 170 high-impact papers presented by experts in the field during 35 technical sessions, which covered various critical topics within the realms of Residential and Building Applications, Smart Energy Systems and Renewables, Industrial Applications, and Working Fluids and Advances.

The high-impact papers, providing valuable insights and research findings to the global community have now been published in the database of HPT TCP and delve into the cutting-edge developments in heat pump technology, addressing critical issues such as energy efficiency, sustainability, and resilience.

Moreover, the conference organizers have made it convenient for participants and the wider audience to access this wealth of knowledge. Both the full proceedings of all accepted papers and presentations from most of the oral sessions are available in a comprehensive database. Individuals interested in these resources can search for and download papers one by one or access a compiled document for ease of reference.

The success of the 14th IEA Heat Pump Conference underscores the importance of global cooperation in advancing heat pump technologies. As the world seeks sustainable solutions for heating and cooling, this conference served as a beacon of progress, bringing together experts and stakeholders to chart the course toward a more resilient and efficient future.

Download proceedings and presentations individually from the HPT TCP publications database here.

Download a full compilation of all the conference proceedings here.


Featured image caption:
Monica Brands presents “Simulation results comparing ground source heat pump systems to a natural gas reference system for a 44-storey building in Toronto, Canada”. (Photo: Carlos Jones ORNL)