New project: Annex 64 “Safety measures for flammable refrigerants”

HPT TCP is pleased to announce that Annex 64, “Safety measures for flammable refrigerants”, is now launched.

The ultimate goal of the Annex is to contribute to a broader safe use of flammable refrigerants. To reach this goal, the aim of the Annex is to increase the understanding of the risks related to the use of flammable refrigerants and to develop methods and system designs to maintain the risks at acceptable levels also for systems with a larger capacity than what is available on the market today. The objective is that the findings generated in the Annex will be used as background information when regulations regarding the use of flammable refrigerants are updated. It is expected that one outcome of the Annex is a set of recommendations for updates of the regulations. We have seen the important work done within Lifefront, and continued research in international cooperation can further support the safe use of flammable refrigerants.

The Annex will include investigations of a selected set of measures to limit the risks associated with using flammable refrigerants in heat pumps, AC-systems, refrigeration systems or similar based on the vapour compression cycle. The main focus will be on systems for heating/cooling or hot water production in single-family buildings or for use in multifamily houses (up to 50 kW). The main focus will be on heat pumps placed indoors. It will also include risk assessments related to such use. The fluids considered could be hydrocarbons and synthetics. Safety issues during servicing and at the systems´ end of life will also be considered.

Large industrial heat pumps, heat pumps for district heating, heat pumps/AC systems for automotive and heat pumps built into home appliances like dishwashers, tumble dryers etc. will not be included.


Key data


There is still time to join the project. For information on how to participate, contact operating agent Björn Palm