Strong Heat Pump Market Growth and Positive Policy Support

Strong heat pump market growth and positivepolicy support in Japan, Germany and the Netherlands – Member Country Report presentations from HPT TCP by IEA available

The first of four Member Country report digital workshops for 2022 was organized by HPT TCP by IEA on the 14th of March 2023, 14:00 – 17:00 CET, where the respective delegates of Japan, Germany and Netherlands delivered their Member Country Reports.

This workshop was opened to the open audience for the first time in order to draw new attendees and broaden our outreach, and as a result, it attracted a number of participants from several nations, also from countries not yet members of HPT TCP.

The member country report presentation aims to share experiences between the18 member countries of the HPT TCP. This activity provides a valuable platform for the ExCo delegates and others to know the heat pump market trends, research activities, which policy measures have been successful and less successful and the funding possibilities for research and innovations withinthe different countries.

A copy of the Member country report presentations can be accessed using the links here:

Introduction Presentation from HPC: MCR HPC Introduction_14 March 2023