Final reports from IEA HPT Annex 50 now published!

Final reports from Annex 50, Heat Pumps in Multi-Family Buildings for Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water (DHW), are now available on the Annex 50 website.

The results from this international collaboration project demonstrate that the use of heat pump systems in apartment buildings is possible and already practiced, as shown by many good examples from several countries. Nevertheless, there is still no evidence of a wider use of this solution for heat supply; the reasons being both of administrative and technical nature. More standardized solutions are needed.

During this project a general classification of heat pump solutions for multifamily residential buildings was elaborated – a solution matrix. The solutions are described in a standardized way according to eight representative categories. Overall, 13 solutions were identified, ranging from a fully centralized system to a completely decentralized system.

The purpose of the solution matrix is to give guidance to designers, planners and installers.

Read more on the Annex 50 website and in the reports!