The European geothermal heat pump market looks positive

Despite COVID-19 disruption, the geothermal decade has definitively kicked off.
The European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) has released the European Geothermal Market Report 2020

The European geothermal heat pump market continued along the recent stable trends in 2020, despite significant decreases in sales in some national markets (such as Poland) because of the coronavirus pandemic. The geothermal heat pump market remains quite concentrated, as most of the sales take place in some key countries, the Nordic ones above all.

This 2020 Geothermal Market Report confirms once again that geothermal energy needs supportive policies, a fair competition with carbon pricing and ending of fossil fuel subsidies, a smooth licensing and permitting framework, and investments in innovation to play what can be a decisive role in energy transition.


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Press release – Brussels, 2 June 2021

European Geothermal Market Report 2020