Heat pumps make new Tesla more efficient

Tesla’s addition of a heat pump to its 2021 Model 3 seams to be an energy saver. The climate system of the new model is proving to be around three times more efficient than older builds of the vehicle, according to

The range for electrical vehicles are not only dependent of the size of the battery and driving cycle but also on the use of other equipment such as heating and cooling of the cabin.

The heat pump in the new Tesla Model 3 gives around three times the efficiency compared to the previous HVAC system, which used a Positive Temperature Coefficient, or PTC system, according to test drivers comparing the new version of the car with the older one.

This proves the addition of the heat pump was a strategy that will end up paying dividends to owners in cold climates, especially now as the Winter months are making their way to many owners across the U.S. and European markets.

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