IEA high-lights three HPT TCP annexes in the “Today in the lab – Tomorrow in energy?” Initiative

The IEA initiative “Today in the lab – Tomorrow in energy?” is designed to shine a spotlight on research projects under development in the Technology Collaboration programmes (TCPs). The purpose is to raise awareness of the contribution that TCP technologies and system can make in reaching climate and energy goals.

Annex 55 – Comfort and Climate Box
Manage heating, cooling and power demand while emitting the least possible carbon, at the lowest cost, with the lowest impact on the electricity grid

Annex 47 – Heat Pumps in District Heating and Cooling systems
Opportunities and challenges of implementing heat pumps in district heating and cooling systems

Annex 53 – Advanced Cooling/Refrigeration Technologies Development
Improving the efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems

The IEA Secretariat and the IEA Committee on Energy Research and Technology hope that this initiative will not only win more recognition for the work of the TCPs from a broader audience but also help accelerate innovation and foster market deployment by bringing promising TCP research projects to the attention of decision-makers in government and industry.