New issue of the HPT Magazine is out!

The new issue of the HPT Magazine is out now!
The topic this time is: Industrial Heat Pumps – Good examples from ongoing Annex

Even though heat pumps often are thought of as domestic products, they do have a large potential also in industrial implementations. However, such implementations may imply significant challenges. The challenges are connected to the fact that each solution often must be tailor-made to fit a specific application. Despite this, industrial use of heat pumps could be given much more credibility than what is currently done. This issue of HPT Magazine focuses on industrial heat pumps and shows examples of applications.

In the two topical articles stories are shared on how heat pumps are used to exploit excess heat from industries. The first one tells how two large heat pumps turn waste heat from a steel and rolling mill in Austria into an environmentally friendly energy source in the district heating network. The second one describes how a high-temperature heat pump converts waste heat from a data centre into process heat in a cheese factory in Switzerland.

The Foreword and the Column also focus on industrial applications for heat pumps. The Foreword gives some insights in past and present development and success in the field. The Column lists some main challenges for industrial heat pumps today, with suggestions for solutions.

The issue also carries articles outside of the focus area.
A non-topical article covers how heat pumps can provide grid stability, using demand response. The new section highlights IEA’s online overview Tracking Clean Energy Progress for heat pumps. Last but not least, the new HPT TCP member country China is welcomed into the collaboration programme!

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