2019 China Heat Pump Annual Conference was rounded off successfully

The 2019 China Heat Pump Annual Conference & 8th International Air-source Heat Pump Development Forum were held in Shanghai on August 1-2, organized by China Energy Conservation Association and the Heat Pump Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association (CECA). This conference obtained supports and participation from China Academy of Building Research, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry CAS, International Copper Association, Shanghai Society Of Refrigeration and Shanghai Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association.

With the theme of “follow your heart, create the future”, the conference also invited speakers and delegates from IEA Heat Pump Centre, German Heat Pump Association, Anna University (India), Korea Testing Laboratory and Heat Pump& Thermal Storage Technology Center of Japan.

Caroline Haglund Stignor from IEA Heat Pump Centre presented the IEA Technology Collaboration on Heat Pumping Technologies, where China recently became a member country. She also talked about Progress and research of European regulations and Test Standards for Heating Equipment since corresponding regulations and standards are under development I China.

Mr. Jiang Yi, the Chairman from China Energy Conservation Association and Academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Mr. Fang Qing, Vice-Chairman from China Energy Conservation Association; Mr. Song Zhongkui, Secretary General from China Energy Conservation Association; and other related leadership attended this conference. There were also more than 800 delegates participated. They are from heat pump manufacturers, equipment suppliers, parts and components suppliers, product agents, research and inspection institutes, colleges and universities, industry associations, institutes of architectural design and construction, energy-saving service agents, property development agents etc.

Meanwhile, the 8th International Air-source Heat Pump Development Forum was also taking place at the same time. The forum included Clean Heating Forum, Hot Water and Renewable Energy Policy Sub-Forum, CO2 and Heat Pump Working Medium Sub-Forum, System of heating &cooling Sub-Forum and Drying Sub-Forum. There were also multiple wonderful activities like Air-source Heat Pump Parts Purchase Exhibition, 2019 Award Ceremony of China Heat Pump Industry and Danfoss Night (Welcome Dinner).






Air-source Heat Pump Parts Purchase Exhibition Opening Ceremony

The 2019 China Heat Pump Industry Annual Conference provided an effective platform for the knowledge and experience sharing of heat pump industry at both national and international levels; laid a foundation for the popularization and application of heat pump products in heating, domestic hot water, industrial and agricultural drying; facilitated the incorporation of air source energy into renewable energy research; promoted the technological innovation and application of domestic CO2 and related refrigerant technology of environmental heat pump technology; and played a tremendous positive role in promoting the healthy development of the whole industry.