Meet HPT TCP at ICR2019 in Montreal

HPT TCP, the Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies, will exhibit at the International Congress of Refrigeration that will take place in Montreal, Canada on August 25-30. Caroline Haglund Stignor, Assistant Manager of Heat Pump Centre will be in the HPT TCP booth (number 209). Come and meet her there!

During the conference four different workshops will be arranged by four HPT Annexes, Annex 46 Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps, Annex 48 Industrial Heat Pumps, Second Phase, Annex 51 Acoustic Signature of Heat Pumps and Annex 54 Heat pump systems with low GWP refrigerants. the conference program for further details (

Read more about the Annexes:

Annex 46, Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps
Annes 48, Industrial Heat Pumps, Second Phase
Annex 51, Acoustic Signature of Heat Pumps
Annex 54, heat pump systems with low GWP refrigerants