Comfort and Climate Box – one of the Key Outcomes from Mission Innovation

The Fourth Mission Innovation Ministerial meeting (MI-4) was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on May 28, in conjunction with the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial meeting. The Chair of MI-4 reported in a summary that Reporting MI members are on track to meet their doubling commitments, investing an additional $4.6B annually in clean energy innovation activities. Focussing on the impact of these investments, members reported 59 new collaborative projects, representing $1.3B.

One such collaborative project which was highlighted in this summary is the recently started joint HPT Annex 55  “Comfort and Climate Box” (ECES Annex 34) which has been started in collaboration with the Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings Challenge (IC7).  In this project new solutions to provide integrated heating, cooling and energy storage, working with a smart energy grid will be developed.