Global Cooling Prize seeks innovators

A massive increase in cooling demand over the upcoming decades is a realistic development that is positive for the individuals getting improved living conditions, but negative for the earth due to increased climate emissions. The Global Cooling Prize aims to find a way to cool homes without heating the world.

The initiative seeks innovators to develop affordable cooling solutions that use only one fifth of the amount of grid electricity that the standard products of today use. As the website states: “We want to incentivize and achieve dramatic breakthroughs in cooling far beyond what policy has mandated, or what the industry have achieved to date”.

This is done through a two-year competition; the Global Cooling Prize. During the two years the most interesting ideas get support for development, and then the winner gets support for commercialisation and scaling.

This successful technology, when scaled up, will have the potential to save 100 gigatons of carbon by 2050. This in turn will prevent 1 degree C of global warming by 2100. At the same time, the technology allows for a better standard of living for people around the globe.

But climate emissions are not the only concern for the participant developers. Their solutions also operate under constraints on water use, refrigerant and materials types and maintenance requirements.

What is the Global Cooling Prize?

The Global Cooling Prize is an international competition and initiative intended to develop and scale a residential cooling solution that consumes five times (5x) less grid energy than today’s standard products, operates under constraints on water use, refrigerant and materials types, maintenance requirements, among others, and is affordable to consumers as compared to today’s available technologies.

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