Welcome Reception for the HP Conference in Rotterdam

All the participants of the 12 th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2017 were invited for the Welcome Reception – by the organizing committees of the conference – the International Organizing Committee (IOC) and the National Organizing Committee (NOC) – on the Monday, May 15, at the conference venue, World Trade Centre Rotterdam.

This reception was a very nice event with the opportunity to have a drink and chat with colleagues about the the latest development and prospects in technology, applications and markets are shared with applied professionals, but also an excellent time to socialise and make plans for this conference stay.

The first introductory speech, held by Bert Stuij from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, contained several important key messages about why the heat pumping technologies are so important:

  • Heat pumps do what you NOT think is possible!
  • You put in one part energy and take out several!
  • Heat pumps can use what you think is waste and make it valuable!
  • Heat pumps are in many ways a connecting technology!
  • Heat pumps are the winning technology!

The image shows a rewarding chat between Bert Stuij, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (to the left), Per Jonasson, Chairman of the International Organizing Committee – IOC (in the middle) and Onno Kleefkens, Chairman of the National Organizing Committee – NOC (to the right) at the Welcome Reception of the 12 th IEA Heat Pump Conference.