Workshop in Paris regarding "Scaling-up Renewables through Decentralized Energy Solutions"

The IEA Renewable Energy Working Party (REWP) hosted a workshop on “Scaling-up Renewables through Decentralised Energy Solutions” in Paris on Tuesday 28 March.

This event brought together senior decision-makers, experts and key players from governments, municipalities, energy industries as well as IEA members, partners and Technology Collaboration Programmes.

The well-attended workshop looked at the role of integrated local energy solutions in driving the global energy transformation. Rapidly falling costs for renewables (especially rooftop PV) and storage have opened up the scope of decentralised/distributed generation at a variety scales.

Following four themes were discussed:

  1. New business models for power;
  2. Drivers for change-the role of cities, industry and smart solutions;
  3. Electro mobility, storage and renewables; and
  4. Heat and sector coupling.

To reach the climate targets improved energy efficiency is essential. Monica Axell from the Heat Pump Centre was invited as a representative from the HPT TCP and participated as a panelist in the panel for “Heat and sector coupling”.

Heat is the “hidden elephant” in the room and stands for more than half of final energy consumption and its provision is by its very nature local and decentralized. Heat pumping technologies for heating and cooling are renewable, energy-efficient, scalable and a clean technology. Heat pumping technologies are good on their own, but by combining them with other technologies – such as storage, PV and new generation of DHC – the potential to increase efficiency and renewable share in the future energy system is even higher.