The Netherlands

Market and technology

Member Country Report, Market Overview, The Netherlands – June 1, 2021. 
The Member Country Report of the Netherlands included a market analysis, an overview of mission-driven policy initiatives, and future heat pump targets. Gas-free policies in the Netherlands encourage the use of all-electric and other green heating sources. Existing homes have been designed to switch to heat pumps, district heating, a combination of both. Towards this objective, they’ve developed strong collaborations with municipalities and building owners to develop and scale-up Off the Gas affordable and practical solutions. The Netherlands has 7.5 million inhabitants. There are 8 million dwellings, with 7.2 million of them supplied by gas boilers, 400,000 residences are heated by district heating, and roughly 200,00 heat pumps installed to date. Heat pump deployment grew steadily but slowly until 2015; however, when a subsidy scheme for renewable heating was announced, with an average annual payment of 70–100 million Euros going to heat pump consumers, as well as solar boiler and biomass buyers, helped to accelerate the growth. In the Netherlands, air-source heat pumps are the most commonly used systems. A large-scale pilot experiment program with districts going off-gas grid and an extensive grant scheme for heat pumps that will cover up to 40% of the upfront costs and run until 2030 are some of the incentives and national policy missions to encourage heat pump deployment. Download the presentation here


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