Member Country Report March 2023

On March 14, 2023 Japan did a presentation of their Member Country Report. Click on link to download presentation: mcr-iea-hpt-presentation-japan-20230314


Member Country Report, Market Overview, Japan – November 23, 2021.
The Member Country Report of Japan focused on the development of heat pumps in Japan and included a market overview and the latest policies towards 2050 Net-Zero. As one of the key technologies to decarbonization, the government is promoting HPs by setting quantitative targets for industrial HPs (IHP) and commercial and residential Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH). While the Air Conditioner (AC) market is stable with a slight increase in residential room ACs, deployment of industrial HPs and HPWHs need to be accelerated in order to achieve these targets. Cleaner electricity mix, including nuclear power, is the challenge on the supply side, whereas energy efficiency policies like the “Top Runner Program” and awards by ministries have been and will be improving the efficiency of HP systems on the demand side. Along with a subsidy dedicated to IHPs and commercial HPWHs, some subsidies for energy conservation and NZEB projects are also applicable to HPs. R&Ds such as Low GWP refrigerants and high-temperature HPs are being carried out both nationally and internationally.
Download the presentation here.


Recent Development in Heat Pump Technology in Japan -Including Recent Progress in Basic Research (2013). Download the presentation here.



Energy Conservation Policies of Japan(2013). Download the presentation here.

Policy Supporting Energy Efficiency and Heat Pump Technology (2012). Download the presentation here.

Energy Efficiency Supporting Policy and Heat Pumping Technology in Japan (2012). Download the presentation here.



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